Random Thoughts

Today I received an email in my junk mail box with the heading "Makeup as Nature Intended."  I didn't think makeup existed in nature, or that nature cares if we wear makeup or not.

Can someone please explain to me this concept of "baked doughnuts"?  How can doughnuts be baked?  To me, part of what makes a doughnut a doughnut is that it's fried.  If you bake it, then it's not a doughnut.  It's a cupcake with a hole in the middle.

When life give you lemons, make limoncello.  It's a bit of work that will occupy your mind and the anticipation of the finished product gives you something to look forward to. 

I love the smell of libraries.  No electronic device will ever replace the comfort feel of old books.

I want David Muir to read me a bedtime story every night.  His speaking voice is so beautiful, it makes me feel all is right with the world when I hear it.

Someone explain something to me about this primary season.  We started out with a field of diver…

On Writing (or Why I Will Never Be a Professional Editor)

Did you read my last post?  When did you read it? If you read it yesterday it won't be the same post as it is right now.  The content will be the same, but you will see some newly-edited sentences and better organized paragraphs.

When I write, I can never edit myself the way I need to.  To understand this fully, one needs to look at my typical blogging process.

I come up with the idea for a post in my head.  I write the post mentally, but my thoughts always go off in a new direction.  I realize a post will never stay focused in my head, so I discipline myself to finally sit down and to write the post.  I consider every sentence carefully, editing as I go.

I rarely ever finish a post in one shot.  I'll write only part of it.  I save it and come back to it anywhere from one day to several days later.  I read what I already wrote before continuing on.  I decide I don't like the phrasing of a few sentences, or that some of the larger paragraphs can be broken up.  I fix them and k…

You Bring the Celebration Where It Needs to Be

One advantage I had in marrying Kevin was that I was lucky enough to marry into his family.  I am a lucky woman indeed when it comes to my in-laws.

A few years ago two of my coworkers were having a conversation complaining about their in-laws and asked me if I got along with my mother-in-law.

I said, "I adore my mother-in-law."

They were shocked and said, "Nobody adores their mother-in-law."

I said, "I have an exceptional mother-in-law."

Since the early days of our relationship Kevin's family welcomed me in and we never turn down a reason to spend time with them.

So let's talk about Eleanor, this exceptional mother-in-law of mine.  She is a lovely woman who recently turned 94 years young.  Her mind is still sharp and her wit is intact.  Her good looks are still evident.  Her personal style is still exquisite.  When looking at, and talking to her, we see all we love about her sons.

When you are in your 90s, every birthday is precious, and with that in …

What Does One Write in a Personal Blog These Days? (And what kinds of posts you might expect to see in the future)

I started blogging sometime around the turn of the century.  I had a couple of homemade websites up using some elementary Microsoft hosting and then eventually I found MySpace where Shipwrecked & Comatose was born.  

I still miss MySpace.  I liked the format.  The blog function made it easy for me to keep a daily journal of my mental flotsam and jetsam.  I could make every post public and open to all, open only to my MySpace friends, open only to certain MySpace friends, or private like a diary.  MySpace friends who liked my blog (and in those days I had my fans) could go to my profile and scroll through all the posts. I had friends who who visited it every day to see if I posted anything interesting.

Open blogging did take a toll on me.  I wanted to blog about all the minutia of my life.  I sometimes felt as if I were living for the blog.  Every thought that popped into my head became a potential blog post.  Every event in my life became a story to blog about.  I didn't always…

Random Thoughts

Last night I had a really cool dream that was a mashup of Doctor Who and The OA.  The Doctor didn't interact with the OA herself, but was involved with the kids playing the video game and spent time in the creepy house.  She got a little distressed by it all.  I was afraid she would become so stressed out she would regenerate.  I'm not ready for a new Doctor yet.  I like this one.

This made me think.  How many other TV shows would be cool with a Doctor Who crossover?  I know there are some Doctor Who comics that have Star Trek crossovers.  What about Doctor Who and American Horror StoryDoctor Who and Black Mirror?

How about The Doctor goes on shows that aren't SciFi or fantasy?  She visits The Brady Bunch.  She visits The Crown and wonders why the Queen looks so familiar.  

I noticed game shows are giving away a lot of river cruise trips lately, especially Danube cruises.  I wonder if business for these ships is suffering because people are staying away due to the kind of

A Post About Something I Shouldn't Care About

I have admitted in the past the entertainment and gossip news media have an impact on me whether I like it or not. I react to the news.  I feel for the people being reported on.  I take an interest in topics that are none of my business. 

There is part of me that enjoys reading about all kinds of people and their lives.  I don’t only take interest in celebrities. I love personal blogs. People and their stories fascinate me. 

What I shouldn’t be paying attention to are the stories that people themselves aren’t telling.  Unfortunately, the constant barrage of news and gossip grabs my attention every time.

To put this all in simpler terms, I shouldn’t have any interest in Harry and Meghan.  As an American I shouldn’t care about any British royalty.  We overthrew them two hundred and forty-four years ago.  Unfortunately, I was raised in a world where Disney (one of the dominant forms of entertainment in our culture) told me that people with royal titles are special, magical people who will a…

The Real Problem with Resolutions

Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans - John Lennon

The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft agley - Robert Burns

It's early January and when I go to the gym in the morning, I see a few new faces.  We all know the routine.  A new year is a fresh start, and so we take that fresh start to set new goals.

I don't think there is anything wrong with New Year's resolutions.  A new year is as good a time as any for goal setting.  If you want to make a resolution now, go for it.   There is nothing wrong with realistic self-improvement and goal setting as long as you set your goals for the right reasons.  Set goals that will contribute to your happiness and well-being.  Don't set goals because you think you should or because you are convinced others will accept you more.

Over the years I have come to realize goal setting needs to come with a caveat.  We can set goals, but we have to manage expectations.  We have to understand that the goal…