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Week 35 - Just Some Observations

I gained a bit of weight this week.  It's funny because last week I was talking all about carbohydrates, and this week I think I gained weight because I ate too many. My insomnia was really bad this week and I think it's diet-related too.  My measurements stayed the same though.  In another two weeks I will have to do yet another photo and a bodyfat test to boot.  Let's see what results come back from that.  I have a weight goal for the end of the month, which I think is pretty attainable even with this week's gain.

Babble babble babble.  

It was very nice to return to dance class this week and have my teacher and classmates all remark on how I have lost weight since the last class.  I didn't think I made any noticeable changes at all this summer, but it's clear I'm doing something right.  One change I noticed is that I feel so much more in control of my body.  I have command over my muscles in a way I never had before.  Never underestimate the power of a go…

A Windfall - Or Just a "How To Be Dumb" Moment?

I don't know how long I went without ever being able to close my underwear drawer.  I suppose that I'm usually in such a hurry to put my laundry away that once I have my underwear in there, I cease to be concerned about whether or not I can close the drawer.

I was putting my laundry away yesterday and for the first time in I don't know how long, I started to feel irritated that I couldn't close the drawer.  I kept refolding and rearranging my stuff hoping to make that overstuffed drawer close.  It just wasn't happening.  The drawer was just too full.  I tried to comfort myself.  You can never have too much underwear, right?  You have to have a steady supply of clean underwear in case you're in an accident.

Here was the problem.  For someone who had so much underwear that the drawer was overstuffed and couldn't be closed, I really didn't have that much underwear at all.  I always seem to be losing my lingerie.  I make semi-frequent trips to Main Hoisery an…

Week 34 - Always Feeling Conflicted

Yes I know there was no Week 33 post.  I was spending the lovely long weekend at a Bed & Breakfast, eating all kinds of bad food, doing crazy amounts of riding, checking out the Renaissance Faire, and spending time with good friends that I don't nearly spend enough time with. My blogs were not really a priority.

I ate too much all weekend, but I recovered nicely.  I admit I resorted to a little Intermittent Fasting.  I find my body does do very well with that in small doses.  Other than feeling hungry at times, I don't find myself feeling weak or tired or plagued by headaches.  It's very doable.  Still, I refuse to fall down the rabbit hole of making it a lifestyle.  There isn't enough research to support that it's advantageous for women and it puts many of its adherents into an eating disorder mindset.

I am down to the lowest weight and lowest measurements I have had all year.  I still would like to lose 17 pounds and know that I won't lose all of that befor…