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Infrastructure - A Rant

I hate winter, but this winter was particularly loathsome, and commuting issues were a large part of that unpleasantness.  There is one morning in particular that stands out.

There had been nearly two days of continuous snowstorms. My morning commute was a mess.  The trains to Manhattan were running on a Saturday schedule with the MTA assuming that people weren't going to work that day (even as the sun was making an effort to peak through the clouds at 7AM).  Commuters were squashed into the trains like the proverbial sardines.  All seats were taken long before I boarded.  Riders stood in the doorways and up and down the aisles.  After we passed the Fordham stop, the train came to a dead standstill, eventually losing power.  After 10 minutes the train began feeling too hot and the air was feeling harder and harder to breathe.  My back was killing me from standing still.

This was the state of Metro North trains all winter long.  For weeks I was dealing with delays due to everything f…

Home Sweet Home?

When I think of my little condo apartment on Mamaroneck Avenue, I know that however imperfect it is, the place is my home.  The story of our condo is the story of Kevin's and my life together.  We bought the place when we were engaged.  We moved there in July of 2001 - two months before our wedding. Most of our life together has been in those four rooms (when not at Oxbow Stables).

When we first bought it, neither of us had ever owned a home before.  It was exciting just to be a homeowner.  The apartment seemed to have everything we needed.  It has two full bathrooms and a spare room for office space.  It is a short walk to the train station.  It is located in the middle of town so stores and restaurants are easily accessible.  Our balcony overlooks the river giving us excellent nature views.  In the winter we even get a glimpse of the harbor from our bedroom.  
I'm not sure how long we thought we would stay there when we moved in.  As I said, we were happy just to be homeowner…

To Fix Or Not To Fix

An Article of Clothing That Needs To Come Back Into Fashion

Ladies, I think it's time we start returning the muff to our winter wardrobes.

(Please stop snickering and remove your mind from the gutter.  I'm talking about the warm, portable sleeve you carry around to keep your hands warm on cold days.)

Of the many things I hate about winter, having cold hands and feet tops the list.  Cold extremities aren't just uncomfortable.  They're painful and potentially dangerous. 
I have never found a functional pair of gloves that keeps my hands warm on frigid days.  If the gloves or mittens are thick and insulated enough, then they are useless for performing any fine motor skills.  If you have a muff, you hang it from your neck or wrist and comfortably nest your hands together in warm plush.  If you need your hands, you just slide them out.  The whole idea seems so easy, so practical, and so warm, I can't understand how muffs ever went out of style.
I have always loved muffs ever since I was a kid.  I don't know what it is about them…