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The Monumental Spring Cleanout

If it isn't one home project it's another these days.  It seems I'm always working on improving my place or else trying to rearrange it so it can accommodate our growing pile of possesions.

The truth is the place just can't hold anything more.  That is why I'm so eager to upgrade to an actual house - one where I have an attic and a basement to store unused articles away and where I can install as many bookcases and duck decoy display shelves as necessary.

The house is still a long way off.  We say maybe next year, but that's still a maybe.  I'm not even sure how big that maybe is.  It is entirely possible we will be in this condo for another 13 years.  While I like to think that there is a chance we will cut down on acquiring objects in the future, we still have to deal with the stuff that's already here.

Kevin is a huge pack rat.  I am a somewhat reformed pack rat.  Over the years I have come to treasure order over sentiment.  I don't want to be so at…

The Blight On Beauty

I'm not a fan of reality television, but I do enjoy seeing an occasional reality competition show that highlights the creative process such as Top Chef or Project Runway.   It's fascinating to me to see what talented people will create when given a certain set of parameters.

Recently I caught a Project Runway episode where the designers were brought to a  building covered in graffiti to gather inspiration for their design challenge.  The building in question was in New York City and was the city's only site for legal graffiti.  This building was covered in paint from top to bottom.  No where was any actual wall seen.  The building was just a huge jumble of designs.  Whatever harmony or symmetry in the building was lost to the paint.

I understand that graffiti is considered an art form by many and that many talented people had painted this building, but with so much crap covering that building, it was impossible to appreciate any one work of art.  When you looked at the buil…

I Did It! I Pulled The Trigger and Got My "Fix"

Note:  I am not endorsed or renumerated by Stitch Fix in any way.  This post is only for me to express my opinion and share my experience.  However, if you are interested in trying Stitch Fix yourself, I do request that you use this link, which will give me a 25% referral discount.  Stitch Fix did not provide me with this link in exchange for posting about them on this blog.  All customers receive a referral link when signing on and if you decide to use the service, they will provide you with one as well.

A few posts ago I rambled on quite a bit about whether or not I wanted to try Stitch Fix and what the pros and cons would be.

For those of you not wanting to go back and read a long-winded post (and I don't blame you if you don't), Stitch Fix is an online shopping service where you submit your size, style preferences, and color preferences to a website, and they pick out five surprise items of clothing for you.  You pay a $20 styling fee that is applied to anything you decide …

Why Is It Always Thought of As A Feminist Choice?

No matter how much I try to ignore "Princeton Mom", Susan Patton, she just won't go away.  She inflicts herself on the news media and consumers of media continue to give her an audience while pundits and reporters still give her interviews.

For those of you living under a rock and don't know what I'm talking about, Princeton Mom, is a divorced mother of two who now preaches that women should never hesitate to marry and that they should prioritize marriage while still in college.  In other words, women should seek the MRS degree.  This will guarantee that they marry a safe, hard-working, intelligent man and a stable relationship.

I am not even sure where to begin with my issues on this.

First, the assumption here is that feminists (oh, those evil feminists) have focused so single-mindedly on their careers that they have ignored looking for the right husbands and therefore end up in miserable marriages with unsuitable men long after their uteruses have dried up and be…