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Ah, Life's Minor Humiliations (Girl Post)

Since I come from Italian heritage, hair removal is a necessary part of life, particularly in the summer, and especially on warm weather vacations.

During my early years with Kevin, I learned a lesson about shaving on a trip to Florida.  I could shave my legs daily as the occasion called for it.  The more delicate parts at the top presented a problem.  Daily shaving of the bikini line made my skin red and inflamed.  By the end of the trip I had an angry rash and yet still had to keep the area clean if I wanted to go hang out in the pool or the ocean all day.  When I came home from that trip I had to face the truth.  If I wanted to avoid the angry razor burn every day, I was going to have to either wear bloomers or start waxing. Waxing is a few minutes of discomfort, followed by a few hours of redness, followed by a week of not having to do any hair removal.  That's win-win situation in my book. 

The one little problem with bikini waxes is that in order to wax the hair off, you have …

Six Months Later: How Am I Doing

Six months ago I finished the Lean Eating program and posted my final photos and stats.  During the time I was on the program I was surprised at the number of people who told me they were following my recorded journey.  I was also a bit surprised at the end that I had such a lack of reaction to the results.  No one congratulated me or said, "good job" or "you really look great".  I felt sort of let down.  I wondered if I hadn't really accomplished much and that no one was really impressed at the end.

Then I took the more realistic view that people really didn't care that much.  I'm not accusing my friends of being shallow or uncaring. I'm merely saying that in the grand scheme of others' lives, my body composition accomplishments are not really a high priority.  Friends and family have far more important events and issues to worry about.  Life goes on and so must I.

Still, I feel as if I should give an update - not just about my progress, but also…

My Modest Proposal

The recent SCOTUS decision on Hobby Lobby has many American women quivering in fear. What is this going to mean for future health care costs?  Because of the religious faith of a handful of decision makers at a major corporation, women are being denied accessible and affordable access to a major health care need as well as one of the means for their own economic determinism.

Most intelligent people understand that pregnancy and reproductive health are a major health care issue and should not be denied. Pregnancy and delivery take a heavy toll on the female body and can even be deadly.  Birth control pills can also play a major role in keeping certain organs healthy and preventing cancer.  Like any other aspect of health care, whether for men or for women, it is a deeply personal issue and its need should be determined only by the patient and her doctor.

Another important function of birth control is that it gives women the ability to control the timing and size of a family.  A woman'…