My Modest Proposal

The recent SCOTUS decision on Hobby Lobby has many American women quivering in fear. What is this going to mean for future health care costs?  Because of the religious faith of a handful of decision makers at a major corporation, women are being denied accessible and affordable access to a major health care need as well as one of the means for their own economic determinism.

Most intelligent people understand that pregnancy and reproductive health are a major health care issue and should not be denied. Pregnancy and delivery take a heavy toll on the female body and can even be deadly.  Birth control pills can also play a major role in keeping certain organs healthy and preventing cancer.  Like any other aspect of health care, whether for men or for women, it is a deeply personal issue and its need should be determined only by the patient and her doctor.

Another important function of birth control is that it gives women the ability to control the timing and size of a family.  A woman's (and her partner's) economic future can be heavily dependent on whether or not she has children or how many she has.  Pregnancy, delivery, and child-rearing are all very expensive and time consuming.  It is much cheaper to prevent a child than it is to raise one.

Some Americans (and by "some Americans" I mean conservatives) just don't get that.  They believe that birth control exists for one reason and one reason only.  Women use birth control to have sex purely for their own pleasure.  Those horrible, immoral women want to have have sex with no consequences. How dare they?  Non-procreative sex is immoral and should be avoided at all costs.  Even though many conservatives enjoy non-procreative sex on a regular basis themselves, they feel deeply guilty about it and project that shame onto everyone.

The rallying cry of the Stupid Old Men (and the young men who listen to them) is, "If you don't want to get pregnant, then keep your legs closed."

Women of America, I think it's time to take them at their word.  Let's go Lysistrata on the Stupid Old Men who are making the decisions in this country.  From here on out, let's keep our legs closed.

Let's close our legs to our husbands.  Let's close our legs to our boyfriends.  Let's close our legs to anyone we find even remotely good looking.  If they want to have sex with us, we will just have to tell them, "I can't.  I don't want to get pregnant and the Republicans say the only way to do that is to keep my legs closed." 

How much will the men in this country would enjoy it if we all kept our legs closed? Morality doesn't feel so good now, does it?

So let's do it, sisters!  Let's keep our legs closed until we have the same access to the means of maintaining all aspects of our bodily health that men do. Make the men keep it in their pants until we have equal control of our economic destiny.

Will this be hard?  Of course it will.  This almost feels like cutting off our noses to spite our faces.  Just remember vibrators were invented for a reason.


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