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One Nation Indivisible? Maybe Not

I suppose before I write anything I should take into account the some folks will be offended by this post and take it the wrong way.  I will start this post with the disclaimer that I am not being purposely seditious or unpatriotic.  This post is meant as both satire and a thought piece.  It simply ask the questions about whether or not the patterns of history will repeat themselves and at what cost.  I am not actually advocating for what is being said here.

When Scotland recently voted to secede from the United Kingdom, I have to admit I was shocked.  As an American I guess I viewed the United Kingdom as a strong coalition of countries proudly standing under one flag.  I knew that there was some hostility to the English among the Welsh and Scottish and even more so in Northern Ireland, but it seemed hard to fathom how after so many centuries that these countries would no longer want the protection of the British.

How could I think such a silly thought.  The Irish certainly didn't w…