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Third Time's A Charm? A Review of the Time I Told Stitch Fix To "Surprise Me"

Note:  I am not endorsed or renumerated by Stitch Fix in any way.  This post is only for me to express my opinion and share my experience.  However, if you are interested in trying Stitch Fix yourself, I do request that you use this link, which will give me a 25% referral discount on future orders. Stitch Fix did not provide me with this link in exchange for posting about them on this blog.  All customers receive a referral link when signing on and if you decide to use the service, they will provide you with one as well.

I don't need new clothes right now.  Thanks to a few well-targeted shopping trips, a gift certificate to ModCloth, and a very fruitful session with Keaton Row,  I would say I'm all set for clothes. I didn't need to order another Stitch Fix* box. 

But when does shopping ever have anything to do with need?  I don't consider myself a recreational shopper, but I do love clothes.  I love looking at clothes.  I love acquiring the perfect clothes.  New …

Goals 2015

I don't like to make New Year's resolutions.  Resolve is a very inflexible word, and it can make you feel like a failure if you don't make that resolution happen in a given time period.  I prefer to use the word goal.  In 2015 I have goals I would like to strive for.  I will forgive myself if I don't achieve them all, but if I do make a resolution of any kind, it will only be to make the effort.

1.  Get my body back. 

I made a huge accomplishment in 2013 when I went on the Lean Eating program and became very focused on how I ate.  I truly changed how I look as well.  I let myself go in the second half of 2014 as I was dealing with my hip injury and eventual surgery, as well as the new problems with my elbow.  I am joining a new eating program this year that is similar to Lean Eating, but without the extended commitment and the marketing gimmicks.  I am also going to make sure I am always exercising  -  even if it has to be within the limitations of my injuries.  If my e…

Random Thoughts

You are in Hell.  You can only read one book for all eternity. Your choices are Atlas Shrugged or the entire 50 Shades trilogy.  Which would you choose?
Sometimes I look at my scars from my surgery and I am amazed.  My hip was repaired and reconstructed through those two tiny incisions.  Medical science is pretty amazing isn't it?
There is something hypocritcal about right-wing fundamentalists who claim they reject climate change because they believe in science, but also insist the world is only 6,000 years old.   If science means anything at all to you, then you wouldn't be believing the world is only 6,000 years old.

Why are shows about pawn shops so popular?  What is the appeal?  I ask this as someone who does occasionally watch pawnbroker reality.  Why do they keep making so many of these shows and why do we watch them?  Is it the family conflict that seems inherent in the business?  Is it because we want to know the value of our own stuff?  Is it because it makes us feel be…