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Thoughts on Unfriending

I remember how devastated I was the first time someone unfriended me on Facebook.  I tore apart  and analyzed the possible reasons.  I let it take little stabs at my self-worth.  What's wrong with me that someone can't stand to hang out with me online?

Today I was on Facebook and noticed that someone I never see any posts from anymore leave a comment on a mutual friend's post.  I went to her page and confirmed what I had suspected all along.  We were no longer friends.  I was less hurt by this than I had been by unfriendings in the past.  We had never really been friends.  It never would have occurred to me to friend her.  She was the one who had approached me.  In her mind, she realized she made a mistake, so she rectified it with an unfriending.

I have come to realize something important not just about Facebook friendships, but about friendships in general.  When I first joined Facebook I received plenty of invites from people I have known in the past.  Many of them were p…