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Dear Internet, Please Learn Some New Adjectives

Before you continue reading this post, go to your favorite social sites and check out some of the links.  It doesn't matter what type of links they are.  They can be political links or humorous links or food links or fitness links.  Note how the link is described.  What words do the sponsors use to make you click over to their article or website?  What words do they use to draw you in with a promise of shock, awe, or delight?

There is a strong chance that whatever information they are about to provide you with is "mind blowing".

Everything you see on the Internet promises to "blow your mind."  What exactly does that mean?  If you read the article, will there be a constant rush of air in your ears?  Are bits of readers' brains scattered all over the page?  Is your mind blown up, or is it simply pushed in a different direction?  Is it a positive thing or a negative thing to have one's mind blown, because I have seen it used both ways.

The most egregious offe…

Why Downton Abbey Has To End

I know this post is a bit late as the announcement was made shortly after Season 5 aired its last episode, but I still want to comment on it.  The upcoming 6th season will be the last season of Downton Abbey. I hate to see it go, but I understand why it has to.

Is Downton Abbey still the hottest British import since Paddington Bear or has it jumped the shark?  That depends upon whom you ask.  Americans still can't get enough of it, and that includes me.  I know I love the gorgeous costumes and scenery and how it brings me into a world that is like nothing I have ever experienced or will experience.

I'm not the only American who is fascinated by the world of Downton Abbey.  Even the wealthiest among us have probably never experienced living in a home where everyone dresses formally for dinner and food is served by an army of footmen.  Today's maids aren't required to stay out of sight of the master of the house.  We're not bound by the manners and morals of the day.