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Stich Fix Review #5 - Can They Outfit My Vacation? (Apparently Not)

Note:  I am not endorsed or renumerated by Stitch Fix in any way.  This post is only for me to express my opinion and share my experience for those who are interested.  However, if you are interested in trying Stitch Fix yourself, I do request that you use this link, which will give me a 25% referral discount on future orders. Stitch Fix did not provide me with this link in exchange for posting about them on this blog.  All customers receive a referral link when signing on and if you decide to use the service, they will provide you with one as well.

If you are reading this post, then you are either a regular reader of my blog or else you found this post while searching online for Stitch Fix reviews.  That means that I probably don't need to explain what Stitch Fix is.  Just in case you still don't know, here is the capsule summary.

It's an online personal shopping service.  Like most subscription boxes, you don't know what they are going to send you.  You fill out…

Maybe You're Part of the Problem

Another shooting.  More innocent people dead.  A shooter who was clearly racially motivated.

Although you can argue about how rare shooting like this are compared to the general population (as gun advocates are currently doing), is the attitude behind it all that rare?  Dylann Roof's racism didn't exist in a vacuum.  His beliefs had to come from somewhere.

We live in a society that feeds this type of feeling.  You argue that it's just a few wackos.  The extreme racists are in isolated groups and everyone thinks they're a bunch of kooks, right?  No one outside of the KKK takes the KKK seriously.  We have a black president for goodness sake.  Racism is dead among rational people.

I believe that it's not the kooks and the extremists and the weirdos we have to fear.  It's the ordinary people who think that because they never use the "n word" that they are enlightened and have no problem.

Let's talk about what racism is.  Racism isn't outright prejudic…