Moving My Body Forward - Phase 2

So I survived my first phase of getting my fitness back and moving my body forward.

The first week felt pretty good.  I started my Piyo workouts and my new habits on a Sunday morning.  The workouts were both easy and difficult at the same time.  The workout consisted of simple moves that I have done all my life, but I haven't done them much in the past year.  My body hasn't moved in certain ways for a long time.  I really had to struggle with some of them.  However, muscle memory began to kick in after two or three workouts and they felt more comfortable.

Midway through the first week, I was tempted to check in.  I wanted to see if I had made any progress at all.  I found myself staring at my scale and tape measure, wondering if I'd see a difference.  Is that crazy or what?  I wanted to see if I had results after 5 days?  After all this time trying to learn that my body is going to change slowly and on its own time, I still want instant results.  I knew that a few days of mild workouts wasn't going to change my body, but I still wanted to believe it could.  I was smart enough to tell myself to wait until the end of the month to check in when I could see more accurate results.

The second week presented some challenges.  There was Thanksgiving of course, as well as a pre-Thanksgiving dinner out with friends.  There was a day I went out to lunch and just didn't feel like eating any vegetables.  Even though I did my best to stick to my habit, I know I was eating too much.

Plenty of times I found myself thinking I should start giving my diet more structure and be more attentive to planning healthful meals, but I realized that part of the strategy for success is sticking to one habit at a time.  I will not overwhelm myself.  I would stick to one habit with each phase.

Week 3 brought a few more challenges with the workouts and a return to saner, post-holiday eating, but I still had some weak moments.  I was almost positive I was backsliding badly.  At the end of the week I reviewed my compliance stats and saw that I had stuck with the habit for over 80% of my meals.  I was doing better than I gave myself credit for.

During the last week I finally felt as if the habit was going in the right direction.  I was noticing the changes in my satiety levels as I ate.  I found myself leaving a few bites at the end of some of my meals.  I now like to think I will be well prepared for my next habit.

In terms of the workout, how do I feel about PiYo?  I have mixed feelings for sure.  I do the workout and I'm covered in sweat and out of breath.  It is intense, but for the first 1-3 weeks, it didn't feel effective.  I worked hard and diligently with each daily scheduled workout, but wondered if it was really doing anything for my body.  By the third week I started to notice more effectiveness.  The program was incorporating harder workouts, but it was more than that.  I think in the early stages I was just going through the motions to learn the moves.  Once I really had the moves imprinted on my body and the muscle memory kicked in, I could concentrate on them harder.  I was beginning to work deeper into my muscles and even had some soreness.  While I don't love the workouts in general, there are some aspects I enjoy.  The workout called "Sweat" has a segment that is all balancing moves and when I do it I feel very flowy and graceful.  The second phase will incorporate only the most difficult and longest workouts, so we'll see if I still feel the program is ineffective.

I haven't suspended my gym membership for the two months I'm doing PiYo because I assumed I would want to pop into the gym now and then for some time on the cardio machines or to take Zumba classes.  I admit this hasn't happened yet.

No it's on to Phase 2.  What is the plan?

Habit: Eat only until satisfied

Sunday: AM Scheduled Piyo workout, PM riding
Monday: AM Scheduled Piyo workout, PM dance class
Tuesday: Scheduled Piyo workout
Wednesday: Scheduled Piyo workout
Thursday: Scheduled Piyo workout
Friday: Scheduled Piyo workout
Saturday: Riding

This month I really should try to get to the gym and hit the cardio machines or at least do a Zumba or dance Kinect program.

The habit will be tricky with Christmas coming.  I have a party on the 19th and then I'm making Christmas dinner.  I need to buy a lot of gum so I don't sample and nibble too much when cooking.

So what are the results of Month 1?

Weight: 149.4 lbs
Waist: 32.25
Hips: 41.75
Bust: 39
Arm: 13.75
Thigh: 25.25

I lost 2.4 pounds (two pounds a month is pretty typical for me) and I lost a quarter inch in my hips and my waist stayed the same.  I gained a half an inch in my bust and arm and a quarter inch in my thigh.  Visually I don't look any better.

First I have to post a cute little fuzzy bunny photo so the fat photos don't display when I link this on Facebook.

Now for the photos of me....

I'm not giving up.  I did this before and I can do this again. 


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