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Just For Fun: The 30 Day Project

Do any of my readers share my love of fashion/personal style blogs?  I take a lot of inspiration from them.  I love seeing what stylish women wear and how they incorporate seemingly ordinary pieces of clothing into cute outfits, and how they make outrageous pieces of clothing respectable.  My favorite bloggers include Jessica of What I Wore (although she seems to be moving away from fashion blogging), Jean of Extra Petite, and Kendi of Kendi Everyday.  They are my go-to blogs to help me understand how I can best edit my wardrobe and coordinate  many separate pieces into a whole.  I also enjoy women with a slightly edgier sense of style such as Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook and Blair at Atlantic Pacific. I also recently discovered Hallie of Hallie Daily

Fashion blogs do present some dangers though.  They tend to make me covet.  Kendi has convinced me I must have a pink Rebecca Minkhoff bag (I received the plum one for Christmas).  I may have decided I wasn't wearing my leopard print…

The Posts I'd Like To See Fewer of in 2016

Your misanthropy:  Every day I find out just how intelligent and sweet and patient and wonderful my Facebook friends are.  In fact, they are such wonderful people that everyone around them is stupid, rude, and flat-out toxic.  The unfortunate people who can't meet the high standards of my obviously superior friends deserve to be slapped, beaten up, punched in the throat, cut (not sure where they are said to be cut), or even killed.  Isn't it amazing that you are so great, and yet you manage to put up with all of these horrible people every day?

Yeah right.

Making Excuses for Bad Behavior -  If you constantly brag that you are a "bitch" or an "asshole" your friends may start to believe you.When you post stuff about how you know you're not a nice person, what I hear is, "I am making excuses for my lack of ability to show respect or human decency by 'warning' you that this is just the kind of person I am."  In fact, posts like this often s…

Moving My Body Forward - Phase 3

As long as it takes.

If anyone were to ask me how long I plan to stick to specific nutrition habits, work out along certain programs, and stay accountable to this blog, this is the answer I would give.

Have you ever noticed how many diet and fitness programs are time sensitive?  You have a 6 Week Body Makeover, a 21 Day Fix, Power 90.   I had considered doing a program with a local personal trainer who had a 12 week fitness and nutrition program.  Even Lean Eating expects you to have your "after" happen within a year, complete with your progress photo (that they can use for their promotional purposes).  People set limits as to when they want to lose weight such as a wedding or a vacation.  The only program that doesn't set a time limit is Weight Watchers and that's because they are a pay-as-you-go system so they want you to stay in the program and keep paying for meetings.

The problem with putting a time limit on changing your body is that it can set you up for failure.…