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The Brain's Time Warp

This morning I was reading an article on a fitness website about morning routines that fit women should be doing regularly.  One of them was take a hike.  The article said that on a weekend a walk in nature to start the day can be uplifting and invigorating.

I thought this was a good idea.  I started to consider where I could best find nature close to home.  I imagined myself walking out the door onto Meadow Street.  It's a pretty, tree-lined street, but it's near the middle of town.  I might need to go a bit farther to see some real nature.  It would only be a 5 minute drive to the Marsh Lands Conservancy though?  What about this coming weekend?

I took a few seconds to review the plan in my head.  Then something occurred to me.

I don't live on Meadow Street anymore and I haven't lived there in almost 20 years.

Isn't it strange how no matter how old I am, and how long I have lived as an adult with my husband in my current home, I still use my childhood home as a frame …

Why I Am Terrifed

I keep hearing that Donald Trump supporters tend to be poor and uneducated.  Supposedly 50% of American women don't support him.  Even though he keeps winning primaries, I'm told by the media his campaign is a fluke, a joke.  Intelligent people don't take him seriously.

How I wish that were true.  This is not what I'm seeing in my world.  I am seeing far too many intelligent, middle class, educated men and women (probably even more women than men) showing subtle and even outright support for Trump and it terrifies me. 

What is it about Trump that people like?  Is it because he's famous and we like a familiar name? Is it because Republican voters feel he is the only person who can defeat Hillary Clinton?  Is it because his appearance of success in business seems like a guarantee that he will succeed in anything else he does?  Can it really be true that the current support of Trump is simply a manifestation of something far more sinister?

Those who praise Trump say that…

Moving My Body Forward: Phase 4

I haven't deserted my progress blogs, muffins.  I have been working on my personal program and trying to stick to habits all along.  It's just that my exercise phase was stretched out over a longer period of time due to my 10-day Hawaii vacation and then had almost a week of no exercise while I adjusted to the jet lag back home.  Phase 5 should not take quite so long.

What does it mean to be satisfied?

What does satisfied feel like?  Does it mean you're not hungry anymore?  Does it mean you're not uncomfortably full?  If you feel a sensation of fullness have you gone too far?  For the past two months I have tried to practice the habit of eating only until satisfied.  Even now I'm not sure what satisfied means.

When I was on the Lean Eating program the habit was defined as eating until you were 80% full.  I was a failure at that habit because I'm terrible at numbers.  First of all, I wasn't sure what was meant by fullness.  Does full mean you're stretched t…

10 Days In Hawaii

Not a very clever post title, is it?  Well, it is perfectly descriptive.  As I always do, it's time to share the vacation details in a fun, long-winded blog post.

I have longed to go to Hawaii for most of my life.  As a child if you asked me what my dream vacation was, I would have said Hawaii without hesitation.  I was convinced that Hawaii must be the most beautiful and magical place in the world.  I wanted to know everything I could about Hawaii and loved any form of media that had to do with Hawaii.  My favorite episode of any TV show I watched was any episode where the characters went on a Hawaiian vacation.  I am probably one of the few people on the planet who remembers the TV show Aloha Paradise (and I can even still sing part of the theme song).

As I grew older my passion for Hawaii faded a bit.  People were always telling me how overbuilt and overdeveloped it was.  There were some areas that weren't too commercialized, but no one went to those.  I started focusing my …