Moving My Body Forward - Phase 6

As I write this post, I sit here wondering if I should, for accountability purposes, go and weigh and measure myself.  Isn't that supposed to be what the measure of progress is?  First I take away the photos and now I'm taking away the numbers?

I am walking a line right now.  There are so many fitness experts out there who are telling me I shouldn't live by the numbers.  I should go by how I feel.  My weight and measurements don't matter and I should not judge myself by the scale.

On the other hand, I wonder if not weighing and measuring is just a copout.  I just don't want to see proof that I'm not making any progress.  My eating habits are still not great.  I'm still eating too much at mealtimes and eating too much between meals.

Right now I am going to go with the former and not do any weights or measurements.  Maybe I'll change my mind in the next Phase.  Maybe I'll change my mind next week.  I can step on the scale any time I want.

I have begun to notice a bit of shrinking in the size department. I always go for the larger sizes first (the 12s, the 14s, and the large), but try things on and find I need the size 10 or the medium.  I tend to have issues fitting clothes because I'm between sizes.  A size 12 is too big in some areas, but a size 10 is too small in others.  If I find something that fits and looks good, I snatch it right up.

I'm not letting my size stop me from clothes shopping.  I'm not going to wait until I'm a smaller size to buy clothes I love.  I want to buy beautiful clothes that fit me now and make me feel good now.  I do worry (in an optimistic way) that if I buy these bigger sizes now, I will just have to trash them in  a year.  The future is uncertain.  Even with my workout on track, I may never need a smaller size again. I buy for the present and not the future.  Old clothes can be donated or sold on Thred Up if the time comes.  I'd rather have a great wardrobe now than wear a bunch of clothes I don't love in hopes of some future body.

I'm working on a post about clothes shopping.  Watch for it.

This past phase has been going well.  My elbow still hurts, but there is still progress on that front.  About 3 weeks ago I began having terrible pain.  It hurt just to type.  I was convinced I had done some damage somewhere and I should go back to the doctor and see if I needed another MRI or more therapy.  Then the pain went away as soon as it arrived.  It seems that resting my arm for a week at a time doesn't help.  I spent enough time resting in February and March to see that it didn't make a dent in my progress.  On the other hand, working out doesn't seem to hurt it.  I have loaded it to the point of (mild) pain and it didn't seem to cause any harm.  I have been making progress in the gym.  I am adding weight every day.

The sleep habit was fairly successful.  I am sleeping somewhat better since I started to concentrate more on bedtime rituals and having no "screen time" for at least a half an hour before bed.  I am strict with myself to make sure the TV is off by a certain time (or I leave the room if Kevin is still watching).  I almost always take a bath, do some coloring, or do some yoga in the evening.  I am surprised at how well coloring works, especially since I don't find coloring to be all that relaxing or therapeutic on the surface. My semi-temporary (semi-temporary because I do intend to go back someday, but plan to say off for a long time) withdrawal from Facebook has also helped because I don't do a last-night check of what's happening online and I don't go there when I wake up in the middle of the night. Not only does this cut back screen time, but it also keeps me mentally calmer.  I do still wake up in the middle of the night, but I have managed to go back to sleep all but two nights in the past month.  I nod off less during the day.  I am also seeing small effects on my appetite and hunger levels.

I know I'm supposed to practice one habit at a time, but I have decided for this phase to practice one major habit and make sure I keep specific other habits in place to ensure more success.  I am going back to the eat slowly habit.  I noticed in the past few weeks I have been going back to wolfing my food down.  I need to work on that.

Phase 6 Plan: 

Habit: Eat Slowly. Eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal. Have a sleep-inducing ritual.

New Rules of Lifting For Women - Stage 4
Sunday: AM NROLFW weight workout, PM Riding lesson
Monday: Tap/jazz dance class
Tuesday: NROLFW weight workout
Wednesday: Interval cardio on machine or Zumba session
Thursday: NROLFW weight workout
Friday: 30-40 Interval cardio on machine or Zumba session


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