Okay. I Admit It

I'm a realist.  I know death is a part of life.  Everyone dies.  In the 21st Century we are lucky most Americans are living well into their 80s and 90s. 

Unfortunately, not everyone lives that long.  In this period of good health and longevity, people still die in their 60s and 70s, seemingly struck down in their prime.  It happens.  Even if we maintain good health, diseases can sneak up on us and kill us.

Fame doesn't protect you from death.  Our favorite musicians, actors, dancers, and comedians all have to go some time, right?   Being a celebrity certainly doesn't do much to help with longevity.  Celebrities don't live the same lives we do if you stop and think about it.

I know how exhausted I feel when I am in the midst of rehearsing and performing a tiny community theater play.  I can't imagine the stress of shooting a movie.

 I remember in college I felt like a week on tour with the concert choir on spring break was a grueling ordeal.  What must it feel like to be on the road for months at time with your band? 

This type of stress and the accessibility that fame and money give you, do not lead to the most healthful of lifestyles either.   We all hear the stories of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.  The glamorous life is a fast one.  Try naming a famous actor or musician who doesn't smoke cigarettes.  How often do the media criticize actresses who seem to be starving themselves in pursuit of a svelte ideal?  If this were my life, I probably would have been dead 10 years ago.

That being said, I will admit that it really does seem like a disproportionate number of celebrities have died in 2016 so far.


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