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Moving My Body Forward - Phase 9, A New Program Beings

I finished The New Rules of Lifting for Women.  As planned I skipped Stage 6.  I was considering going back to it, but I tried one hanging exercise and the pain took over my entire elbow.  I knew I wasn't ready for that yet.

The good news is I am back to my pre-surgery strength.  I can do just as many pushups as I did prior to the health issues.  I can deadlift and squat the same amount of weight.  I may not have quite the amount of endurance I had when I was deeply involved with Lean Eating, but I'm getting there.

More good news is I am noticing some of my clothes are looser.  I still can't wear some of my skirts or shorts from last year, but some of my tops are looser.  I may have to give some of them away before the summer is over because they have become too big to stay on my torso properly.  The dress Kevin bought me in Hawaii fit fine when we bought it back in February, but now it gaps and saps and shows my bra when I sit.  It seems I am losing a bit in my chest and sh…

Moving My Body Forward - Phase 8

Deep Thoughts

When I was a child, the nutritional catchphrase tossed around the media was, "You are what you eat."  I thought I knew what the food police were trying to convey to me.  If you eat junk, you are junk.  You are a reflection of what you are eating.  It was slightly insulting and almost too simplistic.  Like most kids, nutritional messages only sank in part way.  I knew what was supposed to be good for me and what was supposed to be bad for me, but when you're young and healthy, you don't care about such things.  Decay and disease are years away and you just want to eat what tastes good.

Since those early days, I have actually matured (just a little) and now I understand what, "You are what you eat," really means.  It goes way beyond the idea that junky food will give you a junky body.

When you eat, food literally does become a part of you.  It enters your body and is broken down into the most essential elements.  From there it is absorbed into your…