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Chincoteague 2016 Photos

Moving My Body Forward Phase 10 - The tape measure lies as much as the scale

I wanted to do a quick check in since I finished my first phase of The Modern Women's Guide to Strength Training and I'm about to go on a (swimsuit) vacation. 

I enjoyed the program so far.  In the past phase there were two strength workouts per week.  Normally I might alternate them to make it three strength sessions in a week, but I decided to experiment and leave it at two (if I did that, the phase would conveniently end right before going to Chincoteague).  I simply added another cardio session or sometimes backed off and did a yoga session.  One time I pulled out my old Piyo DVDs.  My cardio consisted of long walks, medium intensity sessions on the bike or elliptical, and an occasional Zumba program on the Kinect.

Gallbraith suggests adding intervals to the end of strength sessions to accelerate fat loss.  Her idea of intervals isn't just getting on a machine and riding faster and slower.  She has users doing some intense but bizarre combos using strength equipment suc…