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Why I'll Never Be On the Athleisure Bandwagon

Athleisure is the new business casual.  Your gym clothes aren't just what you wear to the gym.  You now wear them out shopping (and I don't just mean a quick trip to the grocery store).  You wear them out to dinner.  You may even wear them to work.  A typical athleisure outfit isn't the pair of leggings and the oversized souvenir t-shirt I wore to the gym this morning.  In fact, an athleisure outfit may never see the inside of a gym.  On a typical morning I  roll out of bed and stumble into some sweatpants and steel-cage sports bra.  That's not athleisure. 

Let's imagine for a moment that I took the athleisure route when I got dressed this morning.  There would be no random pulling of tops and pants from a drawer in the dark.  I would carefully put together today's exercise-inspired outfit ahead of time.  I pull a pair of leggings over my legs from a massive collection of colors and prints   I put on a matching sports bra with questionable ability to actually s…

Does Marriage Cause Divorce?

"That is the stupidest question you have ever asked on your blog, Rachel," you tell me.One can’t divorce without marrying.
The world is filled with moralistic doomsayers who swear the divorce rate is skyrocketing and no one stays married anymore.This isn’t the reality.The US divorce rate has remained relatively stable for decades.Still, it is quite depressing to think nearly fifty percent of marriages in the US will end in divorce.Americans are often surprised to find the US divorce rate is declining, but it it is only declining because many couples are abandoning marriage as divorce seems somewhat inevitable and not worth the risk.
While many of us fear marriage, there are still many of us who want to be married and want it badly.As I grow older and see more of my married friends divorcing, I start to question why marriage is so important.Divorce, it seems to me, can be a result of wanting marriage too much.  Marriage for the sake of marriage is the ultimate goal.  It seems t…