Yes He Is My President (and he had better remember that)!

It's very easy to say, "Not my president," when a candidate you loathe wins the general election.  Many of you even hashtag it.  You can say it as much as you want, but it won't be true.  If you are a citizen of the United States of America, Donald Trump is your president.  No hashtag will change that.

Let me reiterate that.  You are a citizen of the United States of America.

Donald Trump is President of all citizens of the United States of America.

So we accept it, because we understand that's how the democracy works (however imperfectly).  My question for Donald Trump is if he understands it.

Being president of the United States means being President of the  United States.

It does not mean President of white people. It does not mean President of Christians.  It does not mean President of the wealthy.  It does not mean President of Republicans.  It does not mean President of cisgendered and straight people. It means you are President of every single person born in this country - no exceptions.

So once again, Mr. President, do you understand that?

Years ago a friend on Facebook frustrated with the government as only people on Facebook can be asked, "Why don't our leaders lead?"

I countered that with a better question.  "Why don't our public servants serve?"

We refer to the government as "public servants".  We say that politicians "serve" their terms.   Our government isn't meant to lead us.  I know I'm not a follower.  I don't want to be led.  Our government is meant to serve us.  We, the people, are the employers and the government is the employee.  It is the job of the government to work for us, to keep our best interests at heart, and to see our needs our met (although different political affiliations have different definitions of what those needs should be and that's okay).  To work in government is to work for the common good and not personal enrichment.

This is what is so wrong about Donald Trump.  He has spent his life dedicated to personal enrichment and personal glory.  His track record on seeing to the needs of others is abysmal as he has repeatedly committed fraud and stiffed his employees and contractors.  How can this man possibly work to "Promote the General Welfare" (before you get twitchy that I used the word "welfare", please note I am quoting the Constitution he just swore to uphold).

So please. Mr. President, as you enter your four-year journey through government, I hope you remember that this liberal, feminist, secularist is paying for your cozy little stay in the White House (or the security needed for your stay in Trump Tower) with my tax dollars.  So is my Jewish liberal husband.  So is my gay best friend.  So is my Latina (and veteran) sister-in-law along with her veteran son and daughter-in-law.  So are my black coworkers.  You are President of us too.

Don't try to lead me.  I won't follow. You work for me and I expect a stellar job performance.  I'm going to be the most demanding employer you ever had.  If you can't meet my demands, in four years I will take great pleasure in telling you, "You're fired!"


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