Random Thoughts

Because I can't just post dumb things that pop into my head on FB anymore.

What is the deal with designers making winter coats with no zippers or buttons?  How can a coat keep you warm if you can't close it? 

Don't put so much effort into making sure you are happy after you die that you forget to live.

It appears the tax cuts have made their way to my paycheck.  I'm not immune to feeling happy to seeing an extra $30 in there, but I have to wonder what the country is sacrificing for that:  Roads and bridges? Transportation?  A living wage for military families and benefits for veterans? Education?  Support for the disabled?  Support for the elderly?  Support for children?  I'm scared.  (This is what it means to be a liberal, folks.  I actually care about other people rather than just caring about what's in it for me.)

What's up with people calling themselves "Bible-believing Christians?"  Is this to separate themselves from those other Christians who use The Oxford English Dictionary or Madame Bovary as their holy book? 

Every time I watch Say Yes to the Dress, I am always so relieved I married almost 17 years ago.  It seems like it's impossible to buy a dress today that isn't strapless.  I would hate to have so few choices for necklines for my own wedding gown.  I can only imagine what it would be like to spend my wedding day worrying about my boobs falling out of my dress (I had enough of that at my brother's wedding).  There is no plan to change the fashion either.  Designers have figured out as long as they keep foisting strapless dresses on brides, the women will buy them.  That saves designers the trouble of coming up with new neckline designs and saves money in fabric.

I find myself more upset than I should be at the recent announcement of Jennifer Aniston's divorce.  It's not as if I were ever a big fan of hers.  I don't know Aniston personally.  It's weird how I find myself feeling so sorry for her that her marriage didn't work out.  It goes to show you how much the gossip business and entertainment media infiltrate our lives and our brains.  I was angry when Brad Pitt cheated on her and left her for Angelina Jolie.  Then I watched her make a career out of being The Ex Mrs. Brad Pitt."  I never wanted someone I cared so little about to be happy they way I want Jennifer Aniston to be happy.  The media put her life in front of me so much it's as if I have been forced to care.

The NPR Wine Club.  This weekend I learned such a thing exists.  Part of me believes this has to be the most pretentious (almost cliched) concept that ever existed.  Part of me wants to try it.


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