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I think the best picture Oscar going to The Shape of Water was the Academy's (still don't know what that is) apology to GenXers for not choosing ET for Best Picture when they were kids.

Why do some people have such an aversion to wearing socks?  I understand there are some drawbacks to wearing cheap socks.  It's uncomfortable when they fall down inside your shoes.  I know people who are too lazy to replace old socks and walk around with giant holes in their socks  That isn't terribly comfortable either.  Assuming the socks are good quality and well-fitting, what is so wrong with them?  They can be cute with fun colors and patterns.  They can be warm and soft and comforting on a cold day.  They can help prevent frostbite on a cold winter day.  They help prevent shoe bites and super-stinky feet.  I guess some people just have sensory issues. People don't like socks the way I don't like baggy pants or corduroys.

When did Avery become a girl's name?  Also, Ryan.  These are boys names and have been for centuries.  What is the appeal of giving a girl a boy's name?  At my previous job I was reviewing the resume of someone wanting to join my team.  Her name was Ryan.  She had to indicate on her resume that she was female.  If someone has to ask what a person's sex is, they have the wrong name.  Don't tell me you want to give your daughter an "androgynous" name that will make people not judge her by her sex.  If giving a girl a boy's name is gender neutral, why doesn't that work in reverse?  If it's androgynous to call a girl James or Maxwell, then why is it not androgynous to call a boy Susan?  When you give a girl a boy's name, you are making a strong statement about how society still views men and women. 

My hair amazes me.  It is unbelievable how much curls affect length.  Friday I had my hair cut and had it blown out.  The length seemed long-ish when it was done.  It was below my shoulders anyway.  Sunday I washed it and let it dry naturally.  My hair is now almost to my college-era bob length.  It's as if I have a magic hair texture.

I wish adults would learn to dance like adults.  If you're old enough to have graduated from college, you are old enough to learn how to properly hold a dance partner.  I can't stand seeing adults at an adult function holding their dance partners like horny teenagers.  Putting both arms around your partner's neck and waist is not dancing.   It just looks tacky.  How do you dance properly?  It's simple.  Women, put your left hand on your partner's right shoulder.  Men, put your right hand on the woman's back and hold her right hand.  Now both of you start moving.  How hard is that? 

I admit sometimes when I get dressed in the morning, I create my outfit solely on the fantasy that I might meet the lens of The Sartorialist.


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