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The Facebook Conumdrum

I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss Facebook.  I haven't heard from some of my friends for two months. I left Facebook and now it's out of sight, out of mind.  I find myself hovering over Kevin when he has Facebook up on his iPad, desperate to know if anything is interesting is going on.  I have that worry that if I try to contact friends some other way I'll be bothering them and making them go out of their way.  Besides, without my being on Facebook, we have nothing to talk about.

Knowing I still want to know what's happening on FB is a sign of my addiction.  I'm like an alcoholic trying to just get a little drop. As badly as I want to be back in the fray, I know it's not good for me.

Then again, this whole data scandal makes me glad I am staying away.  Do I really want to be the victim of having my personal data sold?

Who am I kidding?  Facebook has been monitoring my use, collecting my data, and selling it long before I left.  All of this Cambridge Ana…

Hawaii Take Two - Maui Wowee!

I have more photos here

I know that title is a cliche.  I just like the way it sounds.

Is there any place more beautiful and magical than Hawaii?  There is a reason so many tourists will flock to a remote island in the middle of the Pacific.  Now that I have left, I am already making my plans to return.  Returning isn't easy.  The trip is long and the stay is expensive.

I suppose Hawaii's cost and distance is part of what makes it so special.  If it were accessible, if you could easily travel there often and cheaply, it would be just another tropical island.  Hawaii is like anything rare and precious.  We value it more because we can't easily have it.  Then again, some people end up moving there and are just as happy to be there full time and not just as a special vacation.  That's not something I could easily do.  I couldn't just pack up my stuff and move thousands of miles away from my friends and family and life here on the east coast.

It was a full and happy wee…