You Reap What You Sow

Who lit the fires of hate and incivility? It began with Donald Trump’s campaign. - Dan Rather

Wendy Williams.  Kathy Griffin.  Samantha Bee.  Robert De Niro.  It's open season for angry celebrities who want to shout rude names at the current administration and everyone connected with it.

Somehow that is making the supporters of this administration angry.  There are plenty of angry Republicans out there complaining about the rude, mean, liberals who are so disrespectful of that buffoon in the White House (I refuse to call him the president).  How dare anyone talk like that?  How has this country become so uncivil?

For all of you Trump supporters who are clutching your pearls and stewing in your shorts, I have one thing to say to you.

Ever since the early days of his campaign, Trump has been disrespectful and mean-spirited. Every American he has ever disparaged or made fun of is one of his constituents - the very people he is supposed to be serving. He has shown nothing but contempt for a large portion of Americans. 

His followers love this contempt. Make fun of a disabled man? Make tasteless sexist remarks about women who oppose him? Call developing countries “shitholes”? Conservatives can’t get enough of it. He’s “telling it like it is.” He’s being “politically incorrect.” How conservatives love it when they can call unkindness political incorrectness.  When Trump makes fun of a portion of Americans, regressives can feel superior.  They can put themselves in the position of the playground bully. 

Social media. Political blogs.   Opinion segments on Fox News (or maybe I should say Fox "News" is more like an opinion channel with news segments).  These are filled with hateful rhetoric from the right.  It never stops.  MRA sites attack "cucks" and "soyboys".  White men march in the streets screaming "Blood and Soil" while the buffoon in the White House calls them "Very Fine People."  Facebook and other social media platforms are filled with right-wing members complaining about the "libtards".  Roseanne Barr calls a former Obama advisor a "monkey" - a long-time insult to black people - and conservatives rush to her defense. 

Again and again, if anyone tries to correct this behavior, to remind them that as Americans we are better than this, the response is what you see on the t-shirt above.  You're too sensitive.  You're a whiner.  You're a "snowflake".  Mean is the new normal now.  It's open season on everyone.  Liberals better get used to it.  
Well, conservatives, you reap what you sow. If you want a world where there are no filters, no self-censorship, and no impediments to hurting others, then you had better be prepared for it to go both ways. Liberals can be “politically incorrect” too. Stop whining about how liberals are killing free speech and then cry foul when their speech is just as free as yours. Political incorrectness doesn’t feel so great when it’s directed to one of your own, does it?

Welcome to the world you created. 


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