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Will Freedom Ever Be Free Again?

Today is the Fourth of July, otherwise known as Independence Day.  It is a day we celebrate America's freedom, or so I'm told.

One phrase I see often on this day, and other patriotic holidays, is this one:

Freedom isn't free
I never gave much thought to that phrase, but I'm starting to think about it now.  What does it mean?  Is it really true?

Sadly, it is true.  Freedom isn't free.  It is being held captive by regressives.  People who call themselves conservatives have hijacked freedom and put it in chains.  They are hoarding it and slowly perverting it for their own ends.  They want freedom to be only what they want it to be.

What freedoms are imprisoned by the Right?

Freedom of Speech - It's okay to say, "Fuck your feelings," and be politically incorrect if they are the ones saying it.  If you dare speak out and criticize them or their Dear Leader, the White House Orangutan, you will be called mean and uncivil.  Your good name will be dragged through th…

You Don't Get a Pass on Racism

So you voted for Trump and you still want to defend your choice? Somehow you still want to defend the indefensible.  You made your choice, but you think you are innocent of the consequences of your actions.

"Stop calling me a racist.  I'm not a racist because I voted for Trump."

Sorry.  You can come up with as many excuses as you want, but if you support and defend a racist, you're not off the hook.

You say you're not a racist because you think the KKK is bad, or because you refuse to use the N-word.  You would never support the reinstatement of Jim Crow laws.  You couldn't possibly be a racist.  You love minorities. You have minority friends.

This is what most white people don't understand (or want to understand) about racism.  Just because you're not burning crosses or segregating bathrooms doesn't mean you don't practice elements of racism in your daily life.  Racism isn't black or white.  It's a continuum.  There are many type of behav…