Will Freedom Ever Be Free Again?

Today is the Fourth of July, otherwise known as Independence Day.  It is a day we celebrate America's freedom, or so I'm told.

One phrase I see often on this day, and other patriotic holidays, is this one:

Freedom isn't free

I never gave much thought to that phrase, but I'm starting to think about it now.  What does it mean?  Is it really true?

Sadly, it is true.  Freedom isn't free.  It is being held captive by regressives.  People who call themselves conservatives have hijacked freedom and put it in chains.  They are hoarding it and slowly perverting it for their own ends.  They want freedom to be only what they want it to be.

What freedoms are imprisoned by the Right?

Freedom of Speech - It's okay to say, "Fuck your feelings," and be politically incorrect if they are the ones saying it.  If you dare speak out and criticize them or their Dear Leader, the White House Orangutan, you will be called mean and uncivil.  Your good name will be dragged through the mud.  Also, don't dare say, "Happy Holidays" to anyone on the right.

Freedom of the Press - The press was once a key to keeping this country free.  A well-informed populace can make intelligent choices.  The press was meant to keep the government honest by reporting its every move.  Now any medium that dares to report actual facts is called "liberally biased" or just plain "fake".

Freedom of Religion - Only Christians are allowed to freely practice their religion, including the freedom to dictate how everyone else lives.  All Americans must play by their rules.  If the rest of us don't agree, it abridges their freedom.  This only applies to white fundamentalists of course.  Liberal Christians and black churches need not apply.  Token Jews might be allowed if they toe the party line and don't criticize Israel.  Catholics are welcome if they are hard right anti-choicers and follow Rick Santorum and Paul Ryan more than they follow Pope Francis.  Muslims better shut up.  If you're an atheist, you don't even deserve citizenship in this great country.  Bite my ass and leave.

(So many of my kind, tolerant Christian friends have put this one up on social media over the years)

The Right to Bear Arms - Every citizen can have a gun on demand and without apology.  At least every white person can.  If you're a black person demanding a gun, you will be under suspicion.  A black gun owner is likely a thug or a gangster.  White libertarians can publicly say a gun is protection against a militarized police state, but a black person certainly can't say that.

The Right to a Fair Trial - This is another freedom limited to white people.  People of color can be convicted in the Court of Public Opinion and either killed or imprisoned for life.

Protection from Illegal Search and Seizure - This doesn't apply to poor people who can be drug tested, even if it costs millions in taxpayer dollars.  Also, if you're Muslim, or at least suspected of being Muslim, it's permissible for the government to search your bags or tap your phone.

The Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - You get the right to life only if you're a white fetus.  If you're a black teenager, it's fine to kill you.  As for the pursuit of happiness, nobody's happiness should have nothing to do with sex, particularly gay sex.

Freedom needs to be liberated.  As loyal Americans we can not let one group define our freedom and hold it hostage.  The Right has believed it can define freedom for the rest of us for far too long.  We need to take freedom back so it applies to everyone.  Freedom does not mean the right for conservatives to dictate (and ruin) everything in this country.

Hang in there Freedom.  I'm going to get you in November!  Maybe I won't succeed completely this time, but I will keep working for you. I will not give up on you.  Free Freedom!


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