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You know what the biggest advantage of digital music is?  Nobody is going to grab your device, unlock, it, and start scrolling through your music uninvited.  I remember in the old days when I would have a pile of tapes or CDs with me in my car or at home or at work.  Someone always felt the need to go through them all and offer unsolicited opinion about my music choices.  "Who the (expletive) is this?"  "This makes me puke."  "I can't believe anyone still listens to this band."  Whatever.  I'm not making you listen to it, and I didn't ask for your opinion.  So you don't like Elvis Costello? I promise I won't play him when you are in the car with me - unless you start to annoy me.  You know what annoys me?  A running commentary on my musical taste.  Thank goodness music now stays behind a locked screen beyond the reach of anyone's perusal.

M&Ms will melt in your hand if you hold them long enough.

The word oragutan has only one g in it - and it’s at the beginning of the word and not at the end. Why do people pronounce it otherwise?

Today I dropped off my phone at the Apple store in Grand Central Station to have my phone battery replaced.  When I went to pick it up, I was told to go sit at a table and wait for someone to bring it to me.  I had to wait a few minutes.  Normally, when most of us have a few minutes to wait, we whip out our phones to amuse ourselves. I had no phone.  I wasn't without amusement though.  I had a library book in my purse, so I pulled it out and started reading.  I was the only customer sitting in that waiting area with a paper book. Everyone else who didn't have another human to talk to was tuned into a device.   I was an anomaly.  It was a strange commentary on our times that it should be so outrageous to read a library book at an Apple store in Grand Central Station.

When I look at some of the ridiculous and incompetent men who have occupied the White House since 2001, I get a picture in my head of Dan Quayle, sitting at home in his bathrobe, drinking whiskey out of a coffee mug, with a week's worth of facial hair sprouting on his face, watching the news and shaking his fist in the air screaming, "I could have been a contender!"

Last night I was looking over Kevin's shoulder as he scrolled through Facebook on his iPad.  What did I see?  I saw silly quizzes like "Give yourself a point for every stupid thing you did on this list." I saw right-wing gun nut memes.  I saw a million photos of dogs.  Eight months have gone by since I deleted Facebook and nothing has changed.  I am beginning to not miss it anymore.


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