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Why Do You Need Christmas Now?

Ready or not, Christmas is coming.  The reminders began some time in September when a few decorative items began popping up at the Hallmark stores. Now that Halloween is over, Christmas anticipation is in full swing.  Most stores are decorated for Christmas and are selling Christmas swag.  Radio stations have begun playing the same tired rotation of Christmas music (some of them nonstop).

This blog bemoaned the early onset Christmas celebration since it was still on MySpace.  I never understood the need to rush the season.  Why do we feel this need to hurtle ourselves at top speed toward Christmas when it's not even Thanksgiving?  What do we derive from trying to make Christmas last for two or three months?  What is the purpose? (Also, why does everyone love all that terrible music?)

Recently a memory came back to me from college that still makes me think.

Sometime in December of my freshman year, a hallmate in my dorm invited me to the Christmas party for one of the campus Christian…

The Difference

The difference between a parent and non-parent:

Parents think it's cute to show off pictures of their kids with food all over their faces.

Non-parents look at those pictures, think "ewwwww gross" and mentally beg the parent to please clean that kid's face.