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What If He Goes Down?

I believe that once the investigations are over, the indictments are handed down, and the smoke clears, Trump will come out of this victorious.

I don't believe he is innocent.  The man is a corrupt grifter drunk on his own power (or his perceptions of his own power). I am sure he is guilty of everything he is accused of and more.  I am saying I am a realist.  Trump has been playing the game for decades.  He knows how to evade the law, which he has always believed himself to be above.  He won't suffer the consequences of his political actions any more than he will suffer the consequences of his bad business practices.  I also believe he has what it takes to fix the elections in 2020.

I fear the consequences of what will happen if he remains in office.  I don't know if he will lead us into war, or bankrupt the economy, or disenfranchise more voters, or ruin the environment.  Nothing good will come of a continued Trump presidency.

I am more afraid of what will happen if he is re…