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A Postcard from the Future

After struggling for a few years to lose the weight I gained after surgery, and dealing with subsequent injuries, I rejoined the Precision Nutrition Coaching Program this year (formerly known as Lean Eating).  I will not be using this blog to bore readers with every detail as I did the last time. (If that interests you, I have a lesser-read public blog where I talk more extensively about the program and I will provide a link if you feel you must read it)  Regardless, I need to share a bit about my goals and dreams, because I see everything I want and everything I need to work on in the months ahead.  It's  worth sharing.  I hope readers can find their own inspiration and their own purpose as they read this.

When the program began, there was a coaching lesson about having a "Destination Postcard".  The idea was for participants to visualize their goals and imagine what their lives would be a year from now.  The lesson suggested we write our goals down, create vision boards…

No. You Don't Wish You Had My Hair

How many times throughout my life has someone admired my curls and said, "I wish I had your hair.  It's so pretty.  My hair is so flat."

I am here to tell you once and for all, you do not wish you had my hair.  I am not saying this because I admire your smooth, shiny, straight hair.  I am not saying this because I believe curls in general are aesthetically less pleasing than straight hair (well, I do, but that's not why I am writing this post).  I am saying this because I have lived my life with a head full of abundant, thick, coarse, curls.  I know what it's like to live with this hair.  It is not an easy life at all.

Let's go back to my childhood for a moment.

I was born into a family made up entirely of members with straight or somewhat wavy hair. As I grew out of babyhood, my hair began to grow and sport curls.  This delighted them.  I was special.  I was like their own little Shirley Temple.  Unfortunately there is a bit of a disconnect between what they th…