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A Simple Border Solution

As I write this, the fight in Congress with the White House Tonsil-Stone-In-Chief drags on.  Trump wants a wall along the entire Mexican border, no matter how impractical and expensive, no matter how many years and lawsuits it will take, and no matter how much impact it will have both on the environment and the human residents of the surrounding communities.

We can try to talk with some degree of reason to the issue.

We can state the fact that most illegal immigration comes from people entering the country legally and overstaying their visas.

We can point out that illegal border crossings have decreased in the past ten years and deportations were on the rise before Trump even took office (Obama was brutal in his immigration policies no matter how much Republicans want to believe otherwise.)

We can remind ourselves that most illegal drugs cross into the US via legal points of entry.

Also, immigrants are paying taxes.

None of this is going to sway Trump and his followers.  Illegal border cros…