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Why Impeachment Must Happen

It's time to impeach Donald Trump.

A regular reader of this blog might be wondering why I said that.  Last year I made a post saying it would be impossible to remove Donald Trump from office because he is too skilled in gaming the system.  I also said it would be better to keep him in office because the right is already too angry and violent in this country and there could be violent repurcussions and even at risk of civil war (or perhaps we already are) if their hero is taken down.

I know all of this, but I still believe the House needs to draw up the articles of impeachment and Trump needs to stand trial.  This isn't about removing him from office - although it would be magnificent if that happened.  This is about the law and the Constitution.  This is about making sure not only Trump, but every other president in the future, understands that being president does not put anyone above the law.

What are Trump's crimes?  I shouldn't have to say what they are, but his suppo…