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The Most Stressful Aspect of Traveling Abroad

What do I wear?

I enjoy following the blog and the feeds of The Sartorialist.  I love seeing the raw presentation of how humanity dresses every day on the street.  It's not showing the looks designers push on the on the runways and in fashion magazines.  It's not trying to sell me anything.  It's showing me what people wear in all its chic and ugly and beautiful and weird glory.  I joke when I get dressed in the morning, I do so with an eye toward being caught on Scott Schuman's camera.

One day I was browsing through his Instagram and saw he had pulled this post from the blog archive, expressing admiration for this woman's outfit.  The photo is from Paris.  This chic Parisian woman is wearing a pair of shorts.

If there is one piece of advice I always read on travel websites is one should never wear shorts abroad.  Shorts are a dead giveaway that you are an American tourist.  Shorts are tacky and casual and no self-respecting European would walk the city streets in sho…