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My Summer Days in Spain

Thanks to Dad and Beth's generosity this summer, the family spent the first ten days in August soaking up the sun and the culture in beautiful España.  As with our other trips to Prague and the Mediterranean, we enjoyed beautiful sights, tasty food, and special times with the family.  I will share my long-winded memories as I always do.

Some general observations about the country:

I didn't find the Spaniards spoke English as well as they do in other countries.  The French speak English because they don't want to hear our American accents when we try to speak French.  Italians like American accents and will converse with you in Italian if you want to, but their English is adequate in most public situations.  The Dutch and Germans speak so well they could pass for American.  The Czechs love the US, so English is a standard second language.  It is a cliché that Europeans can spot an American at a glance and will always address tourists in English accordingly.  I didn't find…