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A Force for Good?

If you were to ask me that number one inconvenience that bothers me during the fall season it's the traffic.  Every weekend I have to drive seventy miles one way to visit my horses in the rurual corner of northwest NJ.  This area (that also includes the area over the border in Orange County NY) is filled with apple orchards, farms, and parks.  This time of year the hordes of people seeking a day in the country clog the roads and double the length of my drive home.  I'm exhausted at the end of the day and I want to go home.  Instead I sit behind the wheel of my car shaking my fists at the "apple pickers" who impede my ability to go home to a hot shower, dinner, and bedtime.

There have been some perfect days for riding in recent weeks, but I often stay home to avoid the headache of traffic, even though I miss my horses.  For example two weeks ago I didn't have rehearsal on a Sunday (rare) and I stayed home anyway because it was the Warwick Apple Fest, as well as the…

A Radical Thought for You

If you're a Republican, even if you proudly wear the label of hardcore and right wing, it's okay to not support Trump.

That's right.  You are allowed to not like him.  You are allowed to turn your back on him.

There is an unfortunate element of tribalism happening in the country today.  We pick sides and our side is always right, even if a member of our team is clearly corrupt or incompetent or inept.  We will dig in our heels and defend the undefendable just because he is one of ours.

Both sides do it, but in my observations, Republicans do it far more.  I have seen many politicians and other public figures on the right manage to continue long careers after major scandals and even imprisonment (think Jim Baker).  Democrats are more likely to be ruined by scandal (think John Edwards or Gary Hart).

I see so many people twisting themselves into knots trying to defend Donald Trump.  It must be exhausting.  Is this because it's easier to support Donald Trump than it is to repl…

Random Thoughts

I hate it when toilet paper commercials claim using the advertised brand will prevent skid marks on your underwear.  Not only is it gross, but it's misleading.  Skid marks aren't caused by improper wiping.  Skid marks happen when you don't eliminate fully.  If you clear all poop from the chute, you will wipe pretty clean regardless of what kind of toilet paper you use.  If you constantly suffer from skid marks, you don't need new toilet paper.  You need a better diet, a better exercise routine, and a better water intake.

Do you ever wonder how it would have changed the course of WWI if Dick Dastardly had managed to stop the pigeon?

Why is it so hard to find single-pan eyeshadows?  Sometimes all I want is one or two basic colors like plum or gray or taupe or vanilla.  I go into any cosmetics store or drugstore to try to find one, and I only ever see the colors I want in a palate of six or nine or twelve shadows.  My basic colors come alongside colors I wouldn't wear o…