A Radical Thought for You

If you're a Republican, even if you proudly wear the label of hardcore and right wing, it's okay to not support Trump.

That's right.  You are allowed to not like him.  You are allowed to turn your back on him.

There is an unfortunate element of tribalism happening in the country today.  We pick sides and our side is always right, even if a member of our team is clearly corrupt or incompetent or inept.  We will dig in our heels and defend the undefendable just because he is one of ours.

Both sides do it, but in my observations, Republicans do it far more.  I have seen many politicians and other public figures on the right manage to continue long careers after major scandals and even imprisonment (think Jim Baker).  Democrats are more likely to be ruined by scandal (think John Edwards or Gary Hart).

I see so many people twisting themselves into knots trying to defend Donald Trump.  It must be exhausting.  Is this because it's easier to support Donald Trump than it is to replace him?  Is it because you don't want to admit you made a mistake in supporting him?  Is it because you are so desperate to "own the libs" that you have to support his term in office.

Let me tell you something.  You don't have to do this.

You are allowed to admit Trump's sexual behaviors don't align with your Christian morals.

You are allowed to question if you will ever see a substantial benefit from Trump's tax cuts.

You are allowed to criticize his bizarre foreign policy.

You are allowed to question his competence.

You are allowed to be offended by his language.

You are allowed to admit he has committed illegal actions.

You are allowed to admit he lives in "the swamp" that is making politics about money.

Trump is not your savior.  He is not magic.  He will not cure all the ills of this country.  Nobody can.  Human society will always have elements that are messed up.  Any single President of the United States is not going to be able to fix it all.  He won't create your utopia.  You know this deep down.  Accept it.

I'm not saying you have to embrace a different political philosophy.  I am saying it's time you give up on Trump.  He is not fit for this job and you know it.  Stop kidding yourself.  There are many other men out there who can do the job whose values align with yours.  I mean they truly align with yours.  Trump doesn't share your values.  He is telling you what you want to hear to get your votes and support.  He doesn't care about you or your values (remember he was a Democrat when it suited his needs).  He cares about his own power.  I think you know that.  It's time to admit it publicly and move on.

You don't have to keep doing this.  You're allowed to kick him out of your party.  Just because he is a member of your group doesn't make him a good person or a good president.  Let him go.  It's time.  Find someone else who is more honest, less corrupt, more competent, more experienced and smarter.

Such a person exists. You will have to do the work.  You will need to help identify this person.  You will need to do your research.  You will need to put in some effort.  The right man is out there.  It's time to let go of Donald Trump.  You support him because he is one of you, but the truth is he is only one of himself.


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