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Random Thoughts

I have had no budget for new clothes this season.  This has turned out to be the perfect time for this to happen.  The ugliest colors are trending now.  All these earth tones are ugly and depressing.  The negative energy from all this brown is bringing me down. I need color.  No clothes shopping for me.

I know I'm a dedicated omnivore, but I'm not against having the occasional vegetarian or vegan meal.  However, if I want to eat plant-based, I want to eat it the way I always eat.  I prefer to enjoy food as natural and close to its original form as possible.  When I am in the vegan mood I will enjoy falafel, or a well-made bowl of rice and beans (I made an awesome three-bean chili recently), a vegetarian pad thai, or a simple almond butter and jelly sandwich with all-fruit preserves on whole grain bread.  I want to eat food I can recognize.

What I can't bring myself to eat are these new meat amalgams that are becoming popular on the market (even fast food chains sell them).  …