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I have had no budget for new clothes this season.  This has turned out to be the perfect time for this to happen.  The ugliest colors are trending now.  All these earth tones are ugly and depressing.  The negative energy from all this brown is bringing me down. I need color.  No clothes shopping for me.

I know I'm a dedicated omnivore, but I'm not against having the occasional vegetarian or vegan meal.  However, if I want to eat plant-based, I want to eat it the way I always eat.  I prefer to enjoy food as natural and close to its original form as possible.  When I am in the vegan mood I will enjoy falafel, or a well-made bowl of rice and beans (I made an awesome three-bean chili recently), a vegetarian pad thai, or a simple almond butter and jelly sandwich with all-fruit preserves on whole grain bread.  I want to eat food I can recognize.

What I can't bring myself to eat are these new meat amalgams that are becoming popular on the market (even fast food chains sell them).  I'm trying to get away from processed food, and here are the big corporations trying to sell me factory-made piles processed soy, oils, and modified starches that are flavored (with "natural flavors") to taste like beef.  Yeah.  That sounds good for me.  I think I'll head to the farm market and buy some locally raised pastured pork, grass-fed beef, and free-range chicken and plenty of fresh vegetables and call it a day.  (Yes, I know it's still sad for the poor dead animals, but that's a discussion for another day.)

Fellow animal lovers sometimes ask me, "Are you a cat person or a dog person?"  My answer is always, "Yes."  I decided I'm going to qualify that a little.

If you constantly talk about your dog, plaster your social media feeds with dog photos, say your dog is more important to you than your human friends and family, and otherwise act way too obsessed with your dog, I will tell you I'm a cat person.

The inverse also applies.

(Keep in mind that although there is a stereotype of "crazy cat ladies" if social media are any indication, dog people as a general rule are way crazier than cat people.)

Did you never notice that people who vape look like kids sucking their thumbs? Vape Pen = Millennial Pacifier

How did I manage to go through much of my life without learning a bass clef mnemonic?  I learned Every Good Boy Does Fine for the treble clef at a young age, but nobody taught me Good Boys Do Fine Always (or I like to say Good Boys Don't Forget Anniversaries). I struggled to read the left hand line in any piano piece I ever played because I had to translate from the treble clef (two notes up and one octave below every time I looked at a new piece) for years.  I only recently learned a mnemonic.  Why is that?  Why don't they teach kids these things in music class the way they teach the treble clef?  I know some instruments are in a specific note range and only use one staff or the other, but voice and some instruments use both.   

When I was a kid I had advent calendars.  Every day I would open the day's flap on the advent calendar and see the little picture behind it.  Each day would be a nice picture.  It was a fun way to count down to Christmas.  It enhanced the anticipation for the holiday to keep opening those little windows until it came to the 24th with its inevitable picture of a nativity scene.  Then they started making chocolate advent calendars.  Now they make advent calendars with wine, booze, mini toys, jewelry charms, and jams.  

How come I, a non believer, am looking at these things and question if maybe we're forgetting what Christmas is all about.  If you're Christian enough to have an advent calendar, it seems to me you should be Christian enough to not make a holy observation into yet another act of self-indulgence.  If you want a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate every day, you don't need to open an advent calendar to give yourself permission to do so. 


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