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When you were a kid, did you wonder what Scooby Snacks tasted like? Shaggy wanted to eat them as well as Scooby.   They couldn't have tasted like dog biscuits, could they? 

Would anyone's vocabulary contain the word "cranny" if it weren't for Thomas' English Muffins?  Has anyone ever used the word "cranny" without it being preceded by the phrase, "Nooks and..."?

Yesterday I was online looking for a recipe and I found one on an old, neglected food blog.  The blog was a non-commercial, simply-formatted, ad-free Blogger piece - just like this one and The Essential Rhubarb Pie.  I miss the days of homespun bloggers.  When I first started blogging, food blogs were a community of simple sites, written from the heart, by people who weren't obsessed with self-promotion or media presence.  We formed a community.  We read each other's blogs and formed online friendships.  People read my blog because they liked my writing and my take on recipes and not because of the numbers of Instagram followers I had.  Now the few blogs from those days that still survive are glossy affairs filled with ads and beg me to sign up for their mailing lists before I can read a single post.  Bloggers are too obsessed with their own promotion to engage much with their readers.  I miss the old days.  

My Friends on Facebook:  Look at these wonderful stories of dogs being rescued.  Look at these poor dogs who still don't have a home. Everyone should rescue a dog. There are so many neglected dogs out there.  Adopt, don't shop.

Also My Friends on Facebook:  Look at the purebred puppy I just bought!

Adult Dancing 101
To dance with a partner, learn the proper dance hold:
Men (or leading partner), put your right hand on your partner's back.

Women (or partner being led), put your left hand on your partner's right shoulder.

Leading Partner, hold your partner's right hand in your left

Now move.

If you're old enough to have graduated from college, you are old enough to learn the bare bones basics of dancing like an adult.  You're adults.  You should look like adults on the dance floor and not a pair of awkward, horny, teenagers. 

This goes double for dancing at weddings.

Triple if you’re the bride and groom.

It's fun watching conservatives on social media trying to twist themselves into knots trying to defend Trump.  At first they tried focusing on minor positive stories and pieces of legislation, but they ran out of those quickly.  I have seen posts trying to take the focus off him by  exalting his bizarro, plastic, freakazoid wife and his only-pretty-due-to-plastic-surgery-and-blond-hair-dye daughter.  Now it's just a bunch of low insults against Congress.  They have nothing left.  Face it, Republicans, your man is a crook.  You don't have to support him.  You're allowed to find someone more honest, intelligent, and talented to champion your causes.  

I have nothing against the idea of learning how to ski, but I don't care if I never do.
I often wonder how characters in action movies (like James Bond for example, or all the main characters in Star Wars movies) end up with a massive case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  How can you go for days and weeks constantly having to fight off enemies and then be able to return to a normal life?


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