Random Thoughts

Last night I had a really cool dream that was a mashup of Doctor Who and The OA.  The Doctor didn't interact with the OA herself, but was involved with the kids playing the video game and spent time in the creepy house.  She got a little distressed by it all.  I was afraid she would become so stressed out she would regenerate.  I'm not ready for a new Doctor yet.  I like this one.

This made me think.  How many other TV shows would be cool with a Doctor Who crossover?  I know there are some Doctor Who comics that have Star Trek crossovers.  What about Doctor Who and American Horror StoryDoctor Who and Black Mirror?

How about The Doctor goes on shows that aren't SciFi or fantasy?  She visits The Brady Bunch.  She visits The Crown and wonders why the Queen looks so familiar.  

I noticed game shows are giving away a lot of river cruise trips lately, especially Danube cruises.  I wonder if business for these ships is suffering because people are staying away due to the kind of low water issues I suffered through.  Who wants to risk spending a cruise vacation on a bus?

How many people actually use a laptop on top of their laps?

From the Department of Top Female Annoyances:  It's a rare warm winter day.  You want to take a lunchtime walk.  You go a block or two and your stockings start creeping down your hips.  (It’s a warm day.  Why not wear a skirt?)  All you can do is clench your legs together and try not to look ridiculous walking like that, hoping your stockings don't roll below your skirt (and take your underwear with them).

You know what's ironic about men?  They like to tell women what to do with our hair.  They get upset if we only talk about cutting it.  They whine, "I like long hair."  But do they hold on to their hair?  No they don't.  We're supposed to love them whether they have hair or not, but we can't touch our own locks because, "I liiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkeeeeeeee looooooonnnnnnnnggggg haaaaaaaiiiirrr."

I want to make a cake for my mother-in-law’s birthday and decided a good chocolate cake would be the best option (because my whole family love chocolate).  I started looking for the best recipe.  I  browsed through my Pinterest collection and found I had pinned about 10 chocolate layer cake recipes.  Every one claims to be the best, the ultimate, the most perfect.  I am paralyzed with indecision now.  Which one do I make?  How is any one of these cakes different from the others?  Does it really matter which one I make?  How many different ways are there to make a chocolate layer cake anyway?  Are these cakes better than my personal recipe?  It makes me want to give up and bake a pie.

Was Darth Vader ever able to take a shower?  That suit must have stunk.

Every time I get those robocalls from people claiming my car warranty is expiring, the voice warns me they are going to close out my file and they won't be contacting me again.  No matter how many times I don't respond, nobody seems to have closed out my file and stopped contacting me. 


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