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Random Thoughts

Today I received an email in my junk mail box with the heading "Makeup as Nature Intended."  I didn't think makeup existed in nature, or that nature cares if we wear makeup or not.

Can someone please explain to me this concept of "baked doughnuts"?  How can doughnuts be baked?  To me, part of what makes a doughnut a doughnut is that it's fried.  If you bake it, then it's not a doughnut.  It's a cupcake with a hole in the middle.

When life give you lemons, make limoncello.  It's a bit of work that will occupy your mind and the anticipation of the finished product gives you something to look forward to. 

I love the smell of libraries.  No electronic device will ever replace the comfort feel of old books.

I want David Muir to read me a bedtime story every night.  His speaking voice is so beautiful, it makes me feel all is right with the world when I hear it.

Someone explain something to me about this primary season.  We started out with a field of diver…